Monday, August 31, 2009

Yay! My first post!

These are some of my 'sulam' work featured in RIAS a Malaysian fashion magazine, Aug 2002

Thank you for visiting my new blog..
I took up embroidery because I grew up watching my mom sew - her embroideries were the most beautiful and I felt very 'seronok' (great enjoyment & amazement). I could spend hours & hours watching her craft.

After finishing my studies, I spent a few years aboard, in Egypt staying with my aunt. I love to travel, meet people, savour all their culture & crafts. It helped me stay creative!

So, eventually, when I came back and chanced upon an advertisement for a hand-guided machine embroidery class at KEMAS in the 1990s, I took the plunge and immersed myself into this craft.

Each piece of embroidery is unique - there are never two exactly the same. My motifs are mainly from nature. To come up with the design & colour scheme, I refer to all kinds of magazines, books, newspaper cuttings, brochures, etc.. Interaction with creative people like artists & crafters from the Arts & Crafts Guild , & fashion designers also help inspire me.

Hope you will enjoy my work --

This design won first prize in Piala Sulaman Rand Asia/RIAS
All floral motifs & embroidery work were done by me.

Eh! Erra Fazira-lah pakai baju sulaman saya! (Malaysia's famous singer & actress posing in one of my embroidered modern kebaya)

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Salam k yong! Congrats! Really marvelous seeing your blogspot! From, Adik angkat mu Khairul Husni!

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